Coffee Blossom Honey


Single Origin delicious honey produced from bees who pollinate coffee farms – giving the honey unique flavors from the coffee blossoms!

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The terroir (terˈwär) – characteristic tastes present due to region and composition of soil – is evident throughout these different honeys. The use of bees in coffee growing has been a crucial step in helping the buds set, allowing for the coffee tree to blossom. Each blossom represents a coffee cherry, unique and beautiful, and also vital for the coffee farmer.

These farmers position their hives within the coffee plantations allowing the bees constant access to the coffee blossom nectar. The farmers use mobile extraction processes due to the remote and sheer steepness of the terrain.

Why Coffee Blossom Honey:

•  BEES used by CBH producers help the farms that they are a part of flourish, and are a necessary piece in the overall health of these high altitude Guatemalan coffee farms.

•  HONEY represents a secondary income source for small-farm coffee producers providing income diversification and risk mitigation. Supporting diversification increases long-term financial sustainability for smallholder producers.

•  HIGH ALTITUDE FARMS are able to organically produce honey at 1000-2000 MASL, where pesticides are not needed in the process.

•  FARM TRACEABLE HONEY means CBH personally knows all of their farmers, and their honey is traceable from the moment it is harvested to the final product that you see in front of you.

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