Colombian – Tunía


ROAST: Medium


FLAVOR PROFILE: Mild acidity, citric. Spiced. Caramel, Chocolate, Red berries. Aftertaste of Orange rind.

BREWING METHODS: Drip, Cold Brew, Pour Over

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Java Central is proud to partner with Café Tío Conejo to bring this beautiful Colombian coffee to you!

Cauca is a blessed land inside Colombia with very strong cultural roots associated to Native American communities that work the land in general, and coffee specifically, with a devoted effort and with a very unique set of tools – love for the soil and respect for the coffee production.

Tunía is the name of the community that is part of the municipality of Piendamó, both in the center of Cauca, a very well recognized origin for amazing and complex coffees. There, a large farm named “Las Brisas” produces this Castillo coffee that is recollected with a very demanding protocol for the picking of just ripe and over ripe cherries, that go through the traditional process of washed coffee, but with the detailed attention of the amazing Wilton Benitez, one of the most advanced producers in  Colombia.

The result is a great coffee, consistent and delicious. Useful as a single origin, farm coffee or as a powerful blender, able to provide great character to any other coffee.

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