Guatemalan – El Panal


ROAST: Medium


FLAVOR PROFILE: Soft easy-drinking coffee. Almond, brown sugar, milk chocolate and light peach notes. Medium body, low acidity.

BREWING METHODS: Drip, Cold Brew, Pour Over

FARM: Agua Dulce, Huehuetenango Region, Guatemala

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Our Guatemalan – El Panal comes from the Mendez family farm, Finca El Apiario. We met the Jorge Mendez family in Guatemala to learn more about his Coffee Blossom Honey and how it improves the sustainability of his mostly indigenous community. Jorge has an incredible story of survival and resilience that led to his apiary. The synergy between coffee farming and beekeeping have many benefits to the environmental and economic needs of his business and serve as an inspiration for other farmers facing the many challenges in coffee agriculture today.

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